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Interactive Transcript 

And if you cannot settle the case with our ASR Transcriptor's interactive rough draft, order the certified version..

Be you in a Courtroom Setting ... ASR Transcriptor will transcribe everything if the digital audio is of radio television quality, learn to save up to 80% in transcription costs yet enjoy 100% confidence in our multimedia documents with guaranteed results. 

Digital Court Reporter

City Hall - County Commission Hearing ...

AMVSR LLC delivers same day for a fraction of the cost.  

Click on the images to activate interactive video clips of real depositions and court hearings.

General Overview of ASR Transcriptor

State and federal agencies digitally record using audio and video then outsource transcription to typists.

Deposition Setting, same day or next morning delivery of a working rough draft transcript ...

This is a podcast that ASR Transcriptor captured and transcribed.  It is a turning point for videographers to act on sooner than later, offering law firms who are experiencing less access to steno based court reporters.

Hire a videographer who acts in the dual capacity of videographer and in-house transcription services!

North Carolina Commission on Administration of Law & Justice