California's Futures Commission on Court Reporting 

But if you cannot settle your case, and you really do need a final certified transcript, AMVSR LLC will do that for just $2.50 per recorded minute and deliver your transcript in ten business days.

Remember, you can cross-reference the time stamps in the Google Docs transcript to the time stamps in the video! 

United States District Court - San Francisco - JEWEL vs. NSA 

Example of AMVSR LLC sync'ing the a video deposition. Cost is 50 cents per recorded minute or $30.00 per recorded hour, next day turnaround.


This is capturing an event realtime, or after you upload the A/V to us, we then have our PCs create the transcript like this and then export the transcript into Google Docs like you see above in the Button "Lucian Pera TBA President Address and below when we synchronize the video with the Google Docs transcript.  

Now you have 100% confidence in the working rough draft.  So if both sides agree to our services, your clients have the potential to save up to 80% of what you would otherwise have to pay to a court reporting agency with very high overhead.


After clicking on this Google Docs transcript, a new window will open, go to its TAB and drag to bottom of your screen.  

Then start the video to the left and resize its window and the transcript window, putting them side by side on your desktop and compare the time line of the video to the timestamps in the transcript.  

If there were a deposition, your working rough draft, would you want to try to settle your case with  this technology or would you insist on still ordering the final certified transcript after sharing the transcript and the audio or the video wityh opposing counsel?

‚ÄčExpand to FULL SCREEN.

You have seen the Google Docs representation of the format for a deposition, untouched.  This is the basic format and is the least expensive format, but if you require line numbers as well, add 25 cents per recorded minute or $15 per hour of recorded media, again, share that cost between and amongst the parties.

A  M  V  S  R    L  L  C



Original Video

Compare the time stamps in the Google Docs transcript with the timeline in the video to the left.  

Please review this video clip to see :How to" search and find either by time or words in the Google Docs document.

The comments made by the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court and justices of the Superior Court are compelling.  They talk about ownership of the record, and high costs of transcripts, additional copy sales over and above the original and high costs associated with salaries, benefits and future pensions of civil servants when digital technology promises so much more and far less costly and this is where ASR Transcriptor offers its own multitiered solution package for the 21st Century.

When courtrooms of America finally all go digital with ability to stream radio television quality A/V, finally, no matter where you are, you will have instant realtime transcription going directly to your smart device for the price of an expensive dinner, and not the equivalent of your monthly mortgage payment ... every day of the trial!

Did you know that in our United States District Courts - Federal Courts - fourteen courtrooms have been experimenting with digital video recording for the past seven years!  And they post the video on the Internet that same day or within 24 horus!  This means that the parties and anyone else can review the trial hearing for free!  So we at AMVSR LLC said to ourselves, "Let's access those videos and show counsel in those hearings that they can choose us to send them same day a working rough draft transcript for just $75 per AM / PM Session!   Compared to what they would pay the court reporter, if there is one, a lot of money.  Surely the lawyers clients would want to know about us, right, if we could show them how our ASR Transcriptor works and will save their clients from what is otherwise a costly burden and if they can settle the case post-hearing before or after a verdict or ruling has been made, well, is that not the objective, cheaper access to a reliable record.  They can always order the official transcript from the court reporter.

Please call 703-470-1032 if you need faster turnaround service.

When the state courts install outstanding digital audio recording, then millions of Americans will have access to courtroom transcripts at nominal charges.  This is the 21st Century. 

Treat this scenario as though you are in a courtroom that used digital audio only using gooseneck mics or better yet high quality lapel or jawline mics like you see in the MICROPHONES tab.  

We will show you how with your iPhone or Android, a USB Hub, and high-quality lapel mics, you will get the same clear sound like you hear in this example, and you and your client will get the same day a working would draft just like this that you will most certainly be able to use to prosecute or defend a claim.

Below is the synchronized working rough draft transcript, playable on any smart device.  

Note the timestamps in the transcript against the video's time line in the original YouTube video and the video to the immediate left and the timestamps in the Google Docs transcript of the President's Address to the TBA.  Use your smartphone, iPad or tablet, go to and to the Deposition and Trials tab and PLAY the sync'd video transcript below.  If there were an all day transcript, you pay $150 for the transcript and for the sync'ing feature, $1.00 per minute or $60 per recorded hour.  

The total  fee is $571.00 and when you share the transcript (Google Docs)  and the sync'd video transcript, each party is paying $285.50!  Sp try and settle the case after taking a few depositions.  If you cannot settle, then yes, you can always order the final CERTIFIED transcript and the additional cost is $2.50 per recorded minute for 10 business day delivery.   You can always order the certified version expedited.  Add 50% or $1.25 per recorded minute for a total of $3.75 per recorded minute.

This is an example of delayed realtime transcription where we pause the audio or video, inserting punctuation and paragraphing for a more readable working rough draft - 100% automated transcription.

This service is a bit more expensive by 50 cents per recorded minute.


California has always been and still is a bellwether state. She introduces the latest laws, new technology, and much more.  You will find this video extremely revealing and is a harbinger of developments to come vis-a-vis a court reporter's future no longer within but outside of California's state court system. 

So the California Supreme Court is entertaining the idea to fire all the court reporters in favor of superior digital recording.  Well, here are two video excerpts of a real bona fide United States Federal Court civil case, a video recorded hearing made by the U.S. District Court in Iowa.  

All we did was pull down the public video record and had ASR Transcriptor generate this 100% automated transcript!  The cost to the parties, just $150 for the whole day's proceedings.  A ten day trial would only cost $1,500 or $750 to each party for a working rough draft - just for the transcript.

If they wanted the transcript synchronized to the video - line this - just $1.00 per recorded minute - a cost shared between the parties delivered every evening by 7:00 p.m. local time!  

Use Google Docs document to SEARCH and FIND specific string of text, take note of the time stamp in the video.  

Georgia's Chief Justice, P. Harris Hines

As we did above, click on both at the same time, drag, resize, and then side by side so you can compare the time stamps in the Google Doc transcript with the audio window to the left.