With the Sennheiser DW Office Road Runner system, as you wil see in the video below, the light-weight earpiece comfortably snuggles around your ear, allowing you to walk freely anywhere on a stage or in the convention hall with up to 400 feel line of sight solid connectivity to the receiver that captures your voice which is itself connected to the PC that is streaming everyone's voice and not one word will be dropped.  

Up to four voices can share the same receiver connected to a conference phone or to the PC for streaming the live audio directly to ASR Transcriptor.  

Whether you use your smartpone or the H6 Handy Zoom Recorder, it is imperative that someone act as monitor to remind people to not cross-talk over each other and keep log notes of who is addressing the record.  We will show you how that is accomplished and then pass those electronic notes to us in order to plug in speaker identification where appropriate.  

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Yes, you can have up to five lapel mics connected to a USB Hub, which in turn is connected to your smartphone. and using a popular digital recording app such as Voice Record Pro, record radio television broadcast quality conversation, questions, answers, objections, statements, then on closing the record, upload your deposition or conference directly to our Google Drive account for processing.  

Today's digital gooseneck mics are made to produce the finest digital audio, and when you are at a conference table similar to the one on the right, each mic is networked to stream their audio to a PC or to the cloud for archiving purpose or delivering realtime live streaming audio over the Internet.

It is imperative that someone be at the conference logging notes as to who is addressing the record at any specific moment recording the hh:mm:ss so when AMVSR LLC is charged with editing the transcript to present a final certified transcript, correct names of speakers are properly inserted into your multimedia transcript where applicable