Especially before a live event, your A/V supplier and or IT personnel will conduct tests with us to ensure optimum results.  

Your A/V vendor or supplier must make sure that the realttime audio or video recording that will be archived, or for live streaming is fed directly into a PC and that the recording is not in fact recording off the loud speakers in the room being used at the conference.

We need the sound to be radio television broadcast quality and not sounding like where someone is on the receiving end hearing voices with a "tunnel effect" as this seriously degrades the quality for ASR Transcriptor to successfully follow and convert to text with less than 5% margin of error.  

Please follow our explicit instructions as this will ensure a near perfect working rough draft that you our client is expecting and we are prepared to deliver the same day!

A M V S R   L L C ‚Äč

Only use high-quality wireless devices, be you on stage at small or large conference,  With the handheld wireless mic, before the next person speaks be sure they are holding the mic as seen in our many examples on our website, and that the PC's software is preset to recording quality at optimum level, 320 kbps or higher.

If you are participating in a WebEx live online meeting or using other similar Internet chat room utility, you will wear a USB headset with a high-quality boom microphone, nothing less and be courteous, allow someone who has the floor, finish their monologue before it is your turn to address the assembly.  Any cross-talk will not be transcribed.

To your H6 Handy Zoom Recorder, connect the different wireless mics to a USB HUB and connect the HUB to your PC that you will use to record, save and archive your WAV or MP3 recording.

Of if you are streaming your event from your PC, know with confidence you will be doing so with radio television broadcast quality for a realtime or delayed realtime transcription of your event.