If we broadcast an event that has been designated as a Public Event, then the default setting in Periscope is for unlimited viewers, and just like with classified or sensitive streaming of our client's content, the audience can be anywhere on the planet. 

You must have robust Wi-Fi connectivity to the Internet otherwise expensive data charges may apply.  

Periscope Serving the Sight Impaired and the Hard of Hearing Communities Around the Globe. 

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If members of your audience are also sight impaired, poor vision, we can enlarge the font size of the transcript for much easier reading.  

It's free to download to your mobile device.  

If the content we are streaming to you is classified or sensitive, we instruct Periscope to only broadcast to one or more specific intended viewers and those viewers are not able to independent one from the other share their link and therefore the same realtime content with anyone else,

Only AMVSR LLC we can add more authorized individuals to view.  

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