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This could be your next Pro Bono Deposition because you had the training to know how to use your iPhone or android! Cost to you or your deserving client?  No one red penny!

A  M  V  S  R    L  L  C 

This is a How To video clip we are borrowing from our Deposition and Trial Tab to show you how easy it is to find and search by either time or word and phrase specific parts in this case of the audio player agains the the Google Docs document.  

When you click on this button, the transcript will pop up under a NEW TAB with Google Chrome.

Place your mouse on the NEW TAB and DRAG downwards to the lower portion of your screen and release.  

Go the tab that holds the Pro Bono webpage and rescale both the Pro Bono webpage and the Transcript webpage putting them side by side to control each screen independent one from the other.  

Only dedicated unselfish lawyers give 100% of their time and their law firms donate money to represent the disadvantaged, and it is very rare when they hire court reporters through a court reporting agency and their subcontractors who can donate 100% of their time and eat the cost of production as it is extremely labor intensive and that is understandable.

Well, because of ASR, automated speech recognition, after we show you how you can record your own pro bono depositions using your iPhone or android, (see FRCP (30)(b)(3)) with high-fidelity lapel mics each one connected to a USB hub, and itself is connected to your smart device using a free downloaded recording app one to record MP3, and another for MP4, everyone will have that same day a working rough draft to review, and it won't cost you one red penny!  

You will be shown how to record the deposition, get someone to swear in the witness, then upload the MP3 or MP4 to us at AMVSR LLC for processing and since your recorded the event, we will show how you can use the Google Docs transcript with your MP3 or MP4, meaning, have 100% confidence in the record, that you created with 21st Century technology and hopefully settle the case!

If not, AMVSR LLC is pleased to offer its services to edit and render your working rough draft to a final certified transcript just like you have always been accustomed to and at a cost that will be 50% less than what you are paying.

Our website has any number of examples, such as the Joe Arpaio video deposition, also the O.J. Simpson trial and there are many other examples.   But we have added another one here on this webpage.   Please, look closely at these examples and ask yourself, "Can I and my client live with this working rough draft?" 

If yes, then talk to the other side, ask them, "Using this service is outstanding.   It is immediate transcript, and AMVSR LLC is offering this service at no cost!  We have called court reporting agencies everywhere and no one is available, and especially the large national and regional agencies, they have a huge overhead, and the freelance court reporters they hire, it is rare they can make themselves available at all times.  

"But AMVSR LLC is available 24/7/365."‚Äč