Remember, this is only a working rough draft.  It has punctuation.  It was created within five minutes after being downloaded with minor corrections.  

Why are you still paying $10 a page for daily copy transcripts from court reporters or PC keyboard transcribers for same day delivery when AMVSR LLC would only charge $75.00 for this one hour working rough draft?  

Toi sync the transcript to the video, add $1.00 per recorded minute or learn how to do it yourself for just $7.00 per 60 minutes of recording by visiting InData Corporation and pay a licensing fee of $500.  

Can foreign speakers with accents be understood by ASR Transcriptor?  Answer your question by watching these demonstrations. 

Automated    Multiple     Voice      Speech     Recognition

This is a demonstration using Apache OpenOffice, it auto-inserts line numbers in realtime and delayed realtime mode.  The viewers would note the line numbers and later, after downloading the document quickly go to the specific line numbers. 

We can take almost any foreign accent speaking English, so dare we suggest that ASR Transcriptor can go anywhere without being there!

Apache OpenOffice is a free open source program and can be viewed in any browser, for a Desktop PC or Mac as well as there are apps for both the Apple iPhones and from Google Play for androids.  You are also able to easily convert the file to a Word compatible document.

This is the YouTube video of this World Bank Group and IMF Joint Spring 2017 Meeting.  

As the video was streaming into one of our PCs, we generated the ASR Transcriptor DELAYED REALTIME transcript. 

Above is the button to view the full transcript.  If you are hosting a video on your server and it meets our minimum specs for radio television broadcast quality, as in any of the demonstrations on our website, we download from that point of origin the media and run it through ASR Transcriptor.  This one hour three minute interview with Jim Yong Kim was auto-transcribed under five minutes!  

If you are a lawyer and this had been a legal deposition, a question and answer scenario, as depositions tend to be, you could order our same day transcript service for just $75 which is our minimum fee for a one-hour even or several hours for an AM or PM session.

How to Match Timelines Video

Maximize to FULL Screen.  

How To Match Timelines.

Maximize to FULL Screen.  

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund 2017 Spring Meeting, please listen to the accented voices, they come from South America, Eastern and Western Europe and the Middle East, yet ASR Transcriptor captures their voices and transcribes them with near perfect accuracy as seen in the transcript window on the right.  Best viewed with your smart device and not on your desktop.  But know that if this were a live broadcast, and you were looking on your notebook's or desktop's monitor, with Google Docs you would be able to adjust your FONT size that suits you!Type your paragraph here.

What is DELAYED REALTIME transcription?   We pause the live capturing of the streaming video or audio, allowing the text to catch up to the voice that creates the transcript, and we try to add punctuation and other formatting into what is your Google Docs document that can be shared with just one authorized recipient or with unlimited passive viewers, and at the end of the broadcast, which for us is about 20 minutes after the broadcast, the clients now can SAVE the transcript to their device or later ask us to send a Word or Google Docs document in a private email.  While we are capturing the A/V and generating the verbatim text, simultaneously the A/V is being synchronized to the multimedia transcript as a playable file on any smart device thereby guaranteeing 100% satisfaction and confidence in your working rough draft.  It is up to the client to decide to perfect the transcript as a final certified document or AMVSR LLC will do that for an added editing fee which includes formatting to the client's specifications.

INTERVIEW WITH JIM YONG KIM  President of the World Bank. 

A   M   V   S   R   L L C

Remember, every transcript is a demonstration of automated transcription.  

When your working rough draft is sync'd to the A/V, you now have 100% confidence in the verbatim record.  

Avoid the additional labor and cost to have your transcript perfected, but when you do, you can choose to do so in-house at your cost or AMVSR LLC offers that edit and proofing service for an additional charge. 

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